The Secret to Simple Recruiting

Simple Sponsoring

When it comes down to recruiting people in any Network Marketing opportunity, there are two things you can do to make speed up your level of success.

The first is Work Your Face Off.

If you need phone skills go talk to 1000 people in 5 days. If you don’t have people to talk to master the skill of generating leads or recruiting professionals.  If you want to master the internet go do it.

But remember the more skills you have to learn the slower duplication becomes. If you are not a master of computers, start with learning warm market and referral skills. Offline methods are still a tried and true surefire way to build your business.

Most people jump into the business thinking that one distant relative they know and their best friend will come into the business and then it’s the road to easy street and a million bucks a year. And that false expectation is why most quit after the five people they know don’t sign-up in the business.

Follow The Simple Formula

The second thing you can do is get really good at following the Simple Sponsoring Formula below:

  • Specifics – Get detailed about who you are looking for, where you will meet them, and how you will introduce your business.
  • Intentions – When talking to prospects be clear about your intentions. Don’t befriend someone just to share your bizop with them.
  • Momentum – When you really get the ball rolling and your mindset is taking you to the top people will flock to your team.
  • Positioning -  You can also call this posture, but you must come from a place where you know what you have is incredible. But never be cocky about it.
  • Leverage – Find ways to leverage your time, money and relationships. This blog will be sharing a lot about time leverage.
  • Empathy – Sharing stories that people can relate to and picture themselves in is the most powerful method of creating desire.

Specifics, Intentions, Momentum, Positioning, Leverage and Empathy. Put this formula into action today and sponsoring will become S.I.M.P.L.E.

Got a better word for any of the words in the S.I.M.P.L.E. acronym, leave it in a comment below and explain why it’s a powerful tool in recruiting success.


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